Plastic Flowers - A 16mm Micro-Short

Two lovers on an afternoon stroll.

This is Kevin

This Is Kevin is a documentary short that chronicles the story of Kevin, who's in many ways just an average guy, and not quite the average guy. 

The Glass Cowboy

Fantasy and reality blur for a bullied boy, with violent results.

Video Installation - Wind Study #1

An SD video art installation studying wind, movement, and time in the natural world.

Memento Mori

A young girl with terminal cancer faces Death (literally) and discovers that he's not such a bad guy after all.

The Trip to Columbus

Inspired by Michael Winterbottom's The Trip, my friend Anthony and I embark on a drive to Columbus and record our irreverent musings.

Video Art - Summerlandfuntime

An experimental video art piece using appropriated images of vintage postcards, video, and photographs.

Video Art - [untitled]

A robed figure ambles through urban spaces.